Our products are made of pure natural materials only. We don’t use synthetic fibers like polyester, elastane, or acrylic. For this we went into the details: the yarns are made of Tencel™, the logo and care labels of organic cotton, and the buttons of corozo nuts.


Tencel™ is Lyocell from Lenzing an Austrian-based company. It is a natural cellulose fiber made from wood.

At Lenzing, more than 99% of the wood comes from sustainable forestry. In addition they work with closed production loops where water can be reused and chemicals are not released into the environment.

Tencel™ has a very smooth surface and feels soft. It is skin-friendly and breathable.

Our Tencel™ product at Sonho Stories: Soft Tencel™ Shirt Blouse



The cotton we use is produced in controlled organic farming without the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. It needs less water and is much better for workers’ health than conventional cotton.

Our organic cotton products at Sonho Stories: Organic Cotton T-Shirt , Organic Cotton Logo Sweater Unisex

Organic Cotton


When we searched for wool it was really important to us not to harm animals. Our organic wool is from certified organic animal husbandry and mulesing-free.

The material itself has temperature-regulating and self-cleaning qualities and is breathable. It does not absorb smells so you don’t have to wash your wool garment that often.

Our organic wool product at Sonho Stories: : Pure Organic Merino Sweater

Organic Wool


Cupro is a plantbased fabric made from cotton waste. We use Bemberg™ Cupro which is produced by also using a closed-loop system. They use 40% renewable energy and have zero waste emissions.

The feel of Cupro is super soft. It’s often used as a vegan alternative to silk.

Our Cupro Products at Sonho Stories: Backless Cupro Camisole


Slide Corozo nuts are the seeds of a tropical palm tree growing in South America.

The ripe corozo fruit falls on the forest ground and people of the local community collect them and pull out the seeds - the corozo nut.

As a natural rainforest product, corozo is a fully biodegradable material and the perfect alternative to plastic buttons. Also, it is often compared with ivory since its look and characteristic is similar.

Our product at Sonho Stories that uses corozo nut buttons: Soft Tencel™ Shirt Blouse

Corozo Nut