Our Partners


Our partner for the jersey is a family-run business in the second generation. Founded in 1988 the company now has 21 employees and looks back on 30 years experience in women clothing. They constantly search for new solutions to make clothing production better and more sustainable. The family owned business relies on long-term partnerships and promote the further developments of their employees. Here we produce everything except knitwear.


Partner for Jersey


has always been a magical place for us. The people, the light, the food - there is something special about that country. When we researched in which European countries we could produce our clothes, we also found out that the tradition of sewing is still very much alive in Portugal. We found two companies in Barceleos that share the same values ​​and believe in our vision. We are more than happy to have such amazing partners by our side now!

Our knit partner was founded in 2009 with the aim of setting new standards in sustainability. The company works with certified and environmentally friendly yarns: recycled, organic and biological. In order to reduce the release of CO2, new energy production technologies were implemented, such as biomass and photovoltaic panels. Fair working conditions are a matter of course. 22 people are part of the team. Here we produce only knitwear.

Partner for Knit