How Romana met Hannah

Slide `We were on the dance
floor when Hannah
unexpectedly asked if I
really wanted to start a
label with her.´

When I met Hannah in Spring 2019, I was with friends in Freiburg. She was the new girlfriend of a friend of mine, so I took a close look at her.

A couple of wine spritzers later we discussed ways of sustainable living. Everybody at the table was involved. At some point, we ended up with sustainable fashion. I’ve been interested in fashion for a long time and since I’ve been trying to lead a greener lifestyle, I’ve been looking at fair fashion, but I’ve never found much I liked. Hannah was sitting next to me and talked about the same problem.

After this evening I didn’t meet Hannah again until a few months later at a birthday party. We were on the dance floor when Hannah unexpectedly asked if I really wanted to start a label with her. I laughed and dismissed it as an idea that comes back now and then after we’re drinking one or the other glass too much.

Surprisingly I kept thinking about her idea from time to time but didn’t allow it for so long. At this time I got more and more unhappy with my job until I quit. Without a clear idea of what brings me more passion, I dared to search for it.

Two weeks after my last working day Hannah wrote me that she quit her job to work more specifically on the idea of a fair fashion label. She asked for a phone call – I guessed what she was up to.

On the phone, Hannah told me what she was working on and if I could imagine starting the project with her. I was interested but wanted to take my time with the decision. This time I really wanted to be sure whether this job fulfills me.

I slowly began to work with Hannah and got deeper and deeper into sustainable fashion and the start-up business. I saw possibilities that I hadn’t seen before and was finally so emotionally involved that I neither wanted nor could stop.

In the meantime, Hannah and I have had hundreds of Skype calls, signed our first contract with our designer, visited our future producers in Portugal and registered a GbR – I think it’s getting serious now. I am the co-founder of a fair fashion label. It is crazy and exciting at the same time.