How to crowdfund for the first time

Slide Today marks two weeks since the last day of crowdfunding, so let's look back at this intense time.

We started preparing the Startnext-Campaign in November 2020 by putting our information in the system. At first glance, everything looked quickly done, so I said to Romana that it certainly wasn't going to be that much work. I was soon taught better: it not only became a lot of work but also took much longer than expected.

The first thing we underestimated was the creation of the product samples. It took four months until we had the final pieces and could have them professionally photographed. Now we were able to upload the pictures and create the Dankeschöns.
Looked good so far, but wait, how much money do we need anyway? Romana calculated everything and in the end, indicated that we needed €18,000 to order the first collection. 'A lot, but we will make it!' we thought.

To make one last check, we asked our coaches from the Social Impact Lab for advice, and they had a few words to say. Each word was touched five more times until everyone found it strong enough.
Folks, at this time we thought we will never enter the Startnext gate. Because then the next topic came up: the communication plan. We need to know not only what content we need, but also when and where we want to place it. Setting up the content plan took us three more weeks, but gave us the security of being well-prepared.

The official crowdfunding launch was planned for 18th April at 12 p.m. live via Instagram. Romana, my brother Malte and I met at 10 a.m. in Stuttgart. 30 minutes before launch, we realized that we had forgotten our sparkling wine, which we really wanted to toast with. While Romana and I set everything up for the video, Malte sprinted to the next petrol station and came back drenched in sweat but with champagne.

The toast was worth it! We had made it! After a long time of preparation, we launched the first collection!
And then everything went quickly by: first, we had a press appointment with wonderful Alla from Stadtkind Stuttgart. After that, we jumped from outfit to outfit and Malte took pictures and videos of us for Social Media. In between, we received our first congratulatory messages and questions from you. When I sat on the train back to Frankfurt, I was so tired but incredibly happy.

The next four weeks were a roller coaster ride of emotions. Some days we were afraid we wouldn't make it and some days we put too much pressure on ourselves. But, honestly, most days we were floating above the ground, overwhelmed by your support.

In the end, all the work has paid off. With your help, we have reached over 20,000 euros and can produce the first collection.
Now, two weeks after ending the Crowdfunding the next topics are already on the agenda: placing the order with our production, looking for a warehouse, creating visuals for the packaging, etc.

We can't wait for you to hold the first Sonho Stories pieces in your hands.