Social and sustainable economy


The economy for the common good (ECG) is a quite new approach of how to build a more social and environment-friendly economy. The idea is to give everyone the chance to have a good life on a healthy planet. For us as a company, this means that our business should serve society and does not only exists for its own sake. Four major values are the core of the concept:

Human dignity,
Solidarity and social justice,
Environmental sustainability,
Transparency and co-determination

We really much like the ECG-approach, which actually isn’t new at all. If we look closer to the constitution of several countries we can even find the expression that business and/or equity should serve the common good. For us, it seems that businesses have lost this path more and more in the past centuries. When we asked ourselves why are we doing Sonho Stories, it was quite clear, we do it because of its purpose. We want to shape a better future and be role models for others to follow.
We want to show that success is not all about money, it is also about affecting the planet and society in a positive way. That is the reason why we follow the idea of the common good and why we started with Sonho Stories.
The common good also has a common-good matrix which can be seen as a tool that helps companies for their organizational development and evaluation of their impact. (Source:
We started using this matrix to check on our business. Read our mission statement, what is based on the economy of the common good.